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The Quirks of Rodeo

By January 30, 2013

Being a cowboy or rodeo competitor certainly has its quirks. Every sport has strange or unusual points that make absolutely no sense to those outside the game, but those in the know understand them perfectly. Take, for example, a cowboy's superstition against laying his hat on the bed. People with no knowledge of cowboys or rodeos may look at it and think he's crazy for snatching the hat off the bed with a gasp, but others know that this could be an omen welcoming in certain doom. A cowboy and his dog are rarely apart, and many cowboys won't ride unless their furry friends can be seated in the stands.

How about the cowboy who refuses to buy romantic gifts for his lady, opting instead to give her simple, handcrafted gifts made from items around the ranch? Some might think he's cheap or unimaginative, few presents are filled with more love and meaning than a handmade surprise from an enamored cowboy.

What are your favorite quirks about rodeo, cowboys or cowgirls? Mismatched socks on competition day? Cleaning out your pockets before a run? Share your thoughts and ideas and let's see how unique rodeo really is.


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