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FAQ's about rodeo - About.com
Frequently asked questions concerning the sport of rodeo.
More Rodeo Questions Answered - About.com
The seasoned rodeo fan knows the sport inside and out, rarely asking any questions. However, newbies to the rodeo world are often overwhelmed with the  ...
Why Cowboy Spurs Are Used in Rodeo and Whether They Hurt ...
Cowboy spurs are a common sight at rodeos, where most cowboys use them. ... Rodeo Frequently Asked Questions; Why do rodeo cowboys use spurs and do ...
How does the scoring system work in rodeo? - About.com
Cowboys and animals can have an off night, and because of this there is a low score (usually 59 points) that triggers an automatic reride option. This is so the ...
What is Cowboy Christmas? - Rodeo - About.com
Find the answer to this frequently asked question about Cowboy Christmas. Cowboy Christmas is a loose term that describes the time that begins (unofficially ) ...
Why ride for only 8 seconds? - Rodeo - About.com
Frequently asked questions of rodeo. Why ride for only 8 seconds? Reliable and honest answer from the About Guide to Rodeo.
Does rodeo harm the animals involved? - About.com
Rodeo frequently asked questions. Does rodeo harm the animals involved? Reliable and honest answer from the About Guide to Rodeo.
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association - March Schedule
... under way. Find out where the March rodeo action will be and enjoy the Great American Show! ... Frequently Asked Rodeo Schedule Questions: Why aren't ...
Barrel Racing - Rodeo - About.com
Learn the answer to frequently asked questions about rodeo. Find out the standard pattern distances between barrels in the exciting rodeo event of barrel racing.
Where do the animals used in rodeo come from? - About.com
Find an answer to the frequently asked rodeo question, Where do the animals used in rodeo ... Get honest and reliable answers from the About Guide to Rodeo.
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