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PeTA Wont Help Starving Colorado Cattle

PeTA Hypocrisy Shines Through


The recent blizzard in Colorado has left thousands of cattle (an estimated 340,000) stranded and starving. In a totally transparent act of hypocrisy, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PeTA, the largest and most well-funded animal rights organization in the world, has refused to help.

This prompted Governor Bill Owens, appearing on a Denver radio show, to call PeTA, "frauds" and "a bunch of losers." (Originally reported by FOX News)

The reason given for this horrible lack of compassion, according to a PeTA spokesman was, "In six months they're going to be killed and end up on someone's plate."

Huh? So just let them starve?

Caution: My opinion follows. It is not to be misconstrued as the official position of About.com or the New York Times Company in any way. Long live the First Amendment!

Again PeTA gets put to task and their true agenda shines through. I didn't realize that food industry cattle deserved less respect and compassion than other cattle. I have to agree with Governor Owens when he called PeTA "a strange group of people."

Apparently PeTA's agenda is so convoluted that even THEY can't seem follow it. The way PeTA chooses to distribute their own money is their business BUT to claim to be all about animal suffering (often equating animal industry to slavery and the struggle for animal rights to women's equality) and then to deny help when you're asked due to some technicality smacks of hypocrisy in the extreme.

I wonder if this kind of policy will effect all PeTA's campaigns in the future? If so then I'd like to also point out that rodeo cattle, especially the ones used in the timed event side (of which they are very vocal critics), eventually end up in the food chain.

Does this mean a change of heart by PeTA and it's stance against the rodeo? Don't count on it.

Just goes to show that it's really not about the animals at all but instead it's about furthering an agenda against those who make their living with animals and conversely care the most about animals.

Anyone who supports PeTA should be ashamed...

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