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What are some of the common injuries of a bareback rider?


Question: What are some of the common injuries of a bareback rider?
Answer: Bareback riders take perhaps the worst beating of all the rodeo competitors. Just making a qualified ride takes an extraordinary amount of strength and stamina.

Because of the power and speed of the average bareback horse, bareback riders suffer a tremendous amount of strain on their riding arm.

Hyper-extended elbows, torn biceps, and separated shoulders are common bareback rider injuries due to the strain put on the arm.

Because of the extreme riding position of bareback riders, neck injuries are also quite common.
Bareback riders can also suffer injuries to their lower back, spinal cord, and tailbone area due to the jarring effect of a bucking bareback horse.
As with almost any physically demanding sport, bareback riding can take a tremendous toll on a competitor's body. The bright side is that proper training, exercise, safety equipment and timely medical treatment can delay and/or prevent most of the serious injuries that can result from bucking-out bareback style.
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