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What is Cowboy Christmas?


Question: What is Cowboy Christmas?
Answer: "Cowboy Christmas" is a loose term that describes the time that begins (unofficially) after the Reno Rodeo in Nevada and runs through the 4th of July weekend (or through most of July, depending on who you ask).

It's affectionately called Christmas Time by cowboys and cowgirls because of all the rodeos taking place (34 or so just in the holiday week!) and the tremendous amount of money to be won. It's extremely important in the quest to make it to the Wrangler NFR, because a good run during Cowboy Christmas can potentially make or break a cowboys chances to enter the top 15 at years end.

    Here are just some of the rodeos happening during 'Cowboy Christmas':
  • Rocky Mountain Stampede in Greeley, CO.
  • Dinosaur Roundup Rodeo in Vernal, UT.
  • Cody Stampede in Wyoming.
  • Prescott Frontier Days in Arizona.
  • Ponoka Stampede in Alberta, Canada.
    And many, many more....

    It's the best time to be a rodeo hand!
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