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Rodeo Glossary

Rodeo is filled with unique terms and phrases. The more common and strange terms you will hear are listed here. See if you can identify them when you watch your next rodeo.

Average or Aggregate
Get the definition of the rodeo term, average, from About Rodeo.

Definition of the term Vaqueros.

Definition for barrier.

Definition of the cowboy slang 'string.'

bucking chute
Definition for bucking chute.

Rodeo Cowboy Definition
Definition of rodeo cowboy. From the About Rodeo glossary of rodeo terms and definitions.

Definition for cover.

Definition of rank.

Cowboy Definition
Definition of the term cowboy.

pick up man or men
Explanation of the pick up men.

Crossfire Penalty
Definition of Crossfire Penalty used in rodeo as it applies to the team roping event.

Rodeo Events Explained
An explanation of PRCA-sanctioned rodeo events.

mark out rule
Definition of the mark out rule.

Defintion of dallie.

Manifest Destiny Definition
Definition of the term Manifest Destiny as it applies to the history of rodeo.

Explanation of the hazer.

hung up
Definition of hung up.

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