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Love - Cowboy Style


Love - Cowboy Style

A guitar is the perfect instrument for a simple, romantic cowboy love song.

Photo © Carlson
Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and for most people, it means roses, chocolates by the dozen, and store-bought cards that pass off a quick "I love you." But, for the romantic cowboy, displays of love and affection take on an entirely different tone. Gone are the boxed candies and semi-wilted floral bouquets; cowboys in love go all-out, showing their passionate sides in ways that are both surprising and extremely personal.

Sunset Rides

Many women consider the romantic fantasy of riding off into the sunset just that; a fantasy that will never come to life. However, riding away under a glowing, orange and pink sunset sky may be just what a romantic cowboy needs to secure himself firmly in the heart of his lady love. Few things are more enjoyable than a long, peaceful ride, with plenty of time to talk and wax poetic as you wander aimlessly through quiet fields and dusty back roads. If an amorous cowboy has planned in advance, he may have packed a romantic dinner and a few cold bottles of beer to woo his woman. A nearby tree is a perfect hitching post, and a red-and-white checkered blanket spread out by the pond makes the perfect place setting for a lazy meal. This quiet, secluded setup is an excellent backdrop for conversation and getting to know one another, or for couples that have been together for a while to share their hopes and dreams. As the sun sinks lower and the sky transforms into shades of pink, lavender, and navy, the pair mounts up and rides hand-in-hand into the sunset sky.

Pickin' Wildflowers

Every girl likes flowers, but buying a bouquet from the florist is expensive and often inconvenient for the cowboy living far out of town. Instead of wasting money on store-bought flowers that will die in a few days, the amorous cowboy often opts to pick a handful of wildflowers from his own backyard. They may not be as flashy as flowers wrapped in plastic and carried in a sparkling glass vase, but they are the perfect way to a country girl's heart. A smart cowboy pays attention to his lady's favorite colors and scents and gathers a fresh bouquet filled with flowers to light her fire. If she likes yellow, a few sunflowers and a couple of bright daises make a sunny, cheerful bouquet. Girls with darker tastes may enjoy a handful of jasmine and a few bluebells. A Mason jar filled with fresh wildflowers is a gift straight from the heart, and one that any cowgirl would truly adore.

Special Gifts

Never let it be said that a cowboy is not inventive; any man that can rope a calf with a length of electrical cord or secure a fence with his belt has to be more than a little creative. The same ingenuity can be applied to making the perfect gift for the love of his life. A couple of horse shoes and a welder can be used to create a unique, heart-shaped wall decoration. Heat up the horse shoes, bend them into a heart shape and weld them together for an eternal, and lucky, symbol of love. A hand-written poem or love note is another way for an amorous cowboy to express his affections. Many a cowboy has been called a poet, and few things are romantic than a personal love poem scrawled on a beautiful card. An inventive cowboy may even burn his words into a wooden plaque for a down-home, eternal symbol of his love and affection. Regardless of his artistic abilities, a gift from your favorite cowboy is certainly something to cherish.

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