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Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

Round 1 Results and Highlights


2007 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

Round 1 Results and Highlights
Thursday, December 6th

The National Finals Rodeo has begun and this year over 5.5 million dollars in prize money is available to the World's best cowboys and cowgirls at this prestigious and honorable rodeo where the World Champions in all seven events will be crowned. There are 36 rookies at this years event.

The National Finals Rodeo isn't just another rodeo; it's where you match your skills against the best in your event and the best stock in the business. It's always a battle of nerves for even the most hardened and experienced cowboy when you ride into Las Vegas and enter the Thomas and Mack for Round 1!

National Finals Rodeo
Round 1 Bareback Riding Results:

1 Jason Jeter - 86.5 points on Coconut Roll
2 Tom McFarland - 85 on Street Dance
3 Cimmaron Gerke - 84.5 on Bitter Sweet
3 Scott Montague - 84.5 on Good Time Charlie
5 Steven Dent - 84 on Black Coffee
6 Royce Ford - 83.5 on Thrill Ride

Jeter hadn't won the first round previously and said this after the ride, "that was one horse (Coconut Roll) I'd always wanted to get on , and what a great place to do it. I'm the kind of guy who likes to hold my spur out for a couple of jumps to figure out what the horse is going to do and then let them roll."

"Bobby (Mote) said that, when you do that, she'll travel. I thought back to all the years I've watched her buck, and the guys who did that, she'd travel with a little bit. Bobby said that, when she hits the ground, she'll want you to pull her back off the ground, and he said she'll come to you and she did that."

National Finals Rodeo
Round 1 Steer Wrestling Results:

1 Wade Sumpter - 3.5 seconds
2 Jason Miller - 3.6
3 Todd Suhn - 3.9
4 Shawn Greenfield - 4.2
5 Jule Hazen - 4.4
6 Lee Graves - 4.5

The steer wrestling race is close this year and Wade Sumpter pulled out to an early lead in with his first round win.

"The steer was good, and I got a good start and it worked out. In this building, it's hard to be careful. With all the talented guys here, you have to be aggressive. You can't back off once. You have to go for first place on every run," said Sumpter.

But his early lead is nothing to rest on.

"Everybody's got a shot, and you've always got a shot here. They give away so much money, and you never know what's going to happen. You can come from a long way behind and win lots of money," he said.

National Finals Rodeo
Round 1 Team Roping Results:

1 Travis Tryan / Michael Jones - 4.3 seconds
2 Chad Masters / Allen Bach - 4.5
3 Tee Woolman / Cory Petska - 4.6
4 Jake Barnes / Clay O'Brien Cooper - 5.1
5 Jake Cooper / Jimmie Cooper - 5.7
6 Jimmy Edens / Ryan Motes - 6.3

"I think our horses played a big role in our run because they are such a big part of what we do. Travis is riding the head horse of the year, and I am riding a really good horse," said Jones.

National Finals Rodeo
Round 1 Saddle Bronc Results:

1 Cody DeMoss - 85 points on Spring Blues
2 Rod Hay - 84.5 on Round Robin
3 Jeff Willert - 84 on Rawhide
3 Billy Etbauer - 84 on Wild Card
5 Ryan Mapston - 83.5 on Marla's Rose
6 Isaac Diaz - 83 on John Wayne

First place Cody DeMoss is a man on a mission this year. He said this about his trip on Spring Blues, "I wouldn't mind buying that horse. That was just a really good horse, and I'm just tickled pink. I'm ready to go now."

National Finals Rodeo
Round 1 Tie-Down Roping Results:

1 Cody Ohl - 7.6 seconds
2 Josh Peek - 8.8
3 Matt Shiozawa - 8.9
4 Jerome Schneeberger - 9.1
5 Clint Cooper - 9.4
6 Jake Hannum - 9.5

Ohl was considered a long-shot for the buckle but moved from 8th to 6th in the standings with his first round win.

"I came in $53,000 behind, so that's the way I have to go at it all of them this week. Just to get one (a win) pulled off right off the bat, it's always a confidence-booster. I had a great calf, and I made one bobble on him. I didn't really want to only put one wrap on him, but ended up doing it. Sure, the guys right in front of me didn't win much, so it's gotta add pressure."

National Finals Rodeo
Round 1 Barrel Racing Results:

1 Jill Moody - 14.00 seconds
2 Brittany Pozzi-Pharr - 14.01
3 Vickie Solmonsen - 14.03
4 Molly Powell - 14.21
5 Tana Poppino - 14.26
6 Lisa Lockhart - 14.31

"Well, it was a typical Dolly run (her barrel horse). When my eyes are about as big as saucers and I have no idea where we're going is usually when she clocks pretty well. I was going across to the second barrel thinking, "Uh oh, which side are we going to go on?' and she got a little tight on the third, but luckily we got by," said Moody about her run.

National Finals Rodeo
Round 1 Bull Riding Results:

1 J.W. Harris - 89 points on Lights Out
2 Wesley Silcox - 86.5 on Nervous Waters
3 Ted Bert - 86 on North Star
4 Marcus Michaelis - 85.5 on Golden Ghost
4 Chance Smart - 84 on Buckin' Rite
6 Jarrod Craig - 78 on Willie Do It

It was J.W. Harris' first round victory in the NFR on board of Lights Out. "I saw him here last year with Wes (Silcox), and he (the bull) fell down. I also talked to Ted (Bert) and Colin (McTaggart) about him. They said he would go down to the end of the gate and around to the left, but he turned back there to the right and stayed in it (the spin). It turned out great."

(All Quotes are Courtesy of the PRCA.)

Next stop Round 2...I'll see you there!

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