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Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

Round 3 Results and Highlights


2007 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

Round 3 Results and Highlights
Saturday, December 8th

National Finals Rodeo
Round 3 Bareback Riding Results:

1 Justin McDaniel - 91.5 points on Delta Ship
2 Kelly Timberman - 88.5 on RD Mercer
3 Ryan Gray - 86 on Sure Motion
4 Heath Ford - 85.5 on Moulin Rouge
5 Jason Havens - 84.5 on Centennial
6 Cimmaron Gerke - 83.5 on Lying Eyes

Justin McDaniel has broken the National Finals Rodeo arena record of 91 points set previously by Will Lowe in 2002 on top of Chester Bandit.

"I knew I could win on him if I just did my part right, and I'm just thankful it worked out like it did. There's no better feeling than to set a record, especially at the National Finals. It's a very cool feeling. Tonight I changed riggings. I went back to my old one. I was fighting my rigging in the first two rounds and had cracked out a new one here like a dummy. I shouldn't have, but I went back to my old one and things felt great. I'm a lot more confident with it and ready to win," said McDaniel.

National Finals Rodeo
Round 3 Steer Wrestling Results:

1 Jason Miller - 4.0 seconds
2 Jule Hazen - 4.1
2 Trevor Knowles - 4.1
4 Stockton Graves - 4.4
4 Casey McMillen - 4.4
6 Joey Bell Jr. - 4.5

Jason Miller was surprised at winning the round, "I thought my 4.0 might place, but I didn't think it would win the round. I thought we'd be a little quicker on these steers than we were. I think I had a really good steer, and I didn't make as good a run on him as I could have," he said.

National Finals Rodeo
Round 3 Team Roping Results:

1 Clay Tryan / Walt Woodard - 4.8 seconds
2 Trevor Brazile / Patrick Smith - 4.9
3 Chad Masters / Allen Bach - 5.0
3 Jake Barnes / Clay O'Brien Cooper - 5.0
5 Jimmy Edens / Ryan Motes - 5.2
6 Keven Daniel / Jhett Johnson - 5.3

"Our dad's happy, that's for sure," Tryan said of his father, Dennis, who roped at the 1984 NFR as a heeler. "Walt (Woodard) competed against my dad. He's 52 years old (as is Dennis), but he's roping like he's 24. We have a good game plan, and we're on the same wavelength."

National Finals Rodeo
Round 3 Saddle Bronc Results:

1 Justin Arnold - 86.5 points on Kool Toddy
2 Heith DeMoss - 86 on Lynx Mountain
3 Chet Johnson - 85 on Blazing Saddle 4 Rod Hay - 84.5 on Fire Fly
5 Taos Muncy - 83.5 on Sand to Stone
6 Isaac Diaz - 82.5 on Domino Theory

National Finals Rodeo
Round 3 Tie-Down Roping Results:

1 Hunter Herrin - 7.7 seconds
2 Jake Hannum - 7.9
2 Cody Ohl - 7.9
4 Trevor Brazile - 8.2
5 Stran Smith - 8.4
6 Tyson Durfey - 9.1

"I thought I had a pretty good calf, and I was fortunate enough to get through the barrier well. The calves were pretty good all the way around, and I just ended up with the better end of them. My horse did his part, and everything worked out," said Herrin.

National Finals Rodeo
Round 3 Barrel Racing Results:

1 Lisa Lockhart - 13.89 seconds
2 Lindsay Sears - 13.90
3 Brenda Mays - 13.93
4 Vickie Solmonsen - 13.97
5 Brittany Pozzi-Phar - 14.11
5 Tana Poppino - 14.11

Lisa Lockhart had this to say about her winning run, "I thought my time was 13.99 until they were calling my name to get on the horse for a victory lap. He (Sterling - her horse) felt great, maybe pulled off the third barrel a little bit, but he felt sharp like he did last night. You can start thinking about the average and stuff like that, but I just want to take one run at a time."

National Finals Rodeo
Round 3 Bull Riding Results:

1 Howdy Cloud - 90 points on God's Gift
2 Chance Smart - 87.5 on Smokeless Wardance
2 B.J. Schumacher - 87 on California Dreamin'
4 Marcus Michaelis - 85 on Far North
5 Wesley Silcox - 84 on Firewater
6 Cody Hancock - 83 on Rewind

"Tonight, there were a bunch of bulls that you could have been 90 (points) on," Cloud said. "It was a rank pen tonight, and I just got one ridden. Not making it here last year, it definitely gave me more drive all year long. I worked hard trying to get here, and getting a round win was a great feeling."

(All Quotes are Courtesy of the PRCA.)

Next stop Round 4...On we go!

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