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Anaheim Invitational Professional Bull Riding Results

Built Ford Tough Series of the PBR


February 20-21, 2009
Anaheim, CA.

Bull Riding Recap and Event Roundup

The massive buckoff rate in Round 1 (only 17 qualified rides) proved to be a rocky start to the Anaheim Invitational. Australian Brendon Clark has been putting together some good rides lately and may be one to watch in 2009. Kody Lostroh placed in the money in all three rounds and won the average.

Lostroh expressed the appreciation for the fans in his winner's circle interview, "What drives me is my love for the sport. That and being able to ride in front of such great fans is just icing in the cake. California has been good to me this year after winning Fresno a month ago and now taking the win here in Anaheim. I guess the West Coast is just my time zone." (Quote Courtesy of the PBR.)

Another rider to watch in my opinion is Skeeter Kingsolver. You don't hear his name much but he won a round in North Carolina, has 2 top 10's and 2 90-point rides this season. He's new so watch out for him. We head on the Arizona for a one day event.

Built Ford Tough Series Results - Stop 10

Top 5 (Average) Winners:
  1. Kody Lostroh - 264.25 (totals on 3 bulls)
  2. Brendon Clark - 263.00
  3. Austin Meier - 255.50
  4. Aaron Roy - 248.25
  5. Skeeter Kingsolver - 179.50
Round 1 Winners:
  1. Bryan Richardson - 89.75 points on Wrangler Big Rig
  2. Kody Lostroh - 87.75 points on Encore
  3. Matt Bohon - 87.50 points on Water Moccasin
Round 2 Winners:
  • Mike White - 88.25 points on Okie Dokie 3-Way Tie for Second
  • Kody Lostroh - 87.75 points on Wrangler Big Rig
  • Skeeter Kingsolver - 87.75 points on Wolf Tickets
  • Chris Shivers - 87.75 points on Cowboy Cut
Short Go (Round 3) Winners:
  1. Skeeter Kingsolver - 91.75 points on All In
  2. JB Mauney - 91.25 points on Big Tease
  3. Brendon Clark - 90.25 points on Say I Won't Gunner

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(All statistics provided courtesy of the PBR.)
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