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Top 10 PBR Bull Riders


Here is a list of the top 10 bull riders in the PBR, as they rank in the official standings after the PBR World Finals Round 3. Round 4 starts on Thursday, November 1st.

1. Justin McBride

Justin McBride has dominated the 2007 PBR regular season, setting records left and right. He sits in the number 1 spot but he is far from secure. McBride hasn't really shown up for the finals yet, and is once again riding at less than 100%.

2. J.B. Mauney

With 3 wins this year, J.B. Mauney is hungry. The 2006 Rookie of the Year is aiming to be the youngest bull rider ever to win a World Title. Only 1252 points seperates him from the top spot and he is riding well. This may be his year.

3. Guilherme Marchi

The chiseled features of this Brazilian cowboy have earned him the nickname of "Hollywood" from his fellow competitors. After being DQ'ed last year in the last round for slapping his bull with his free hand (and thus giving a third championship to Adriano Moraes), Marchi is after redemption. After Round 3, he has closed the gap to a mere 1,564 points and is riding really well. Marchi may just claim what he is owed this year.

4. Matt Bohon

Matt Bohon is 4,803 points out of the lead.

5. Paulo Crimber

Paulo Crimber is also 4,803 points out of the lead and like Matt Bohon, will need the top 3 riders to slip if they have any chance.

6. Wiley Petersen

With one win, 5 top 5 finishes and 9 top 10's in 2007, Wiley Petersen is 4,805 points out of the first position.

7. Robson Palermo

With two wins in the 2007 season, Robson is in his second year of competition in the PBR and has quickly shown his talent as a bull rider. He sits 4,854 points behind the leader.

8. Sean Willingham

Sean has one win in 2007 season. He hasn't ridden any bulls and will to put something together on his last four bulls as we head into the second half of the PBR World Finals.

9. Brian Canter

2007 is only Brian's third year in the PBR and he has qualified for the World Finals every time. His superior natural talent and learning to ride from Jerome Davis will no doubt carry this bull rider to a long and successful career.

10. Kody Lostroh

Kody Lostroh was the PBR Rookie of the Year in 2005. He is about 6,000 points behind the leader and is an extreme long-shot to win the title. Look for him to win as many rounds as possible and finish his year strong.
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