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December Rodeo Schedule

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association


The PRCA sanctions hundreds of rodeos across the country, so this list is not exhaustive. I have focused primarily on those events that are well known and/or have a web presence. To watch rodeo on television, check the TV Schedule for broadcast times and channels.

December Rodeo Schedule

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo
  • December (Thursday) - ROUND 1
  • December (Friday) - ROUND 2
  • December (Saturday) - ROUND 3
  • December (Sunday) - ROUND 4
  • December (Monday) - ROUND 5
  • December (Tuesday) - ROUND 6
  • December (Wednesday) - ROUND 7
  • December (Thursday) - ROUND 8
  • December (Friday) - ROUND 9
  • December (Saturday) - ROUND 10

  • Benny Binion's World Famous NFR Bucking Horse and Bull Sale at the Thomas & Mack Center

  • 21st Annual Spurs & Spikes Golf Invitational

Note: Although I strive to provide the most accurate rodeo schedule possible, all times, dates & details of the rodeo schedule are subject to change. I recommend calling or confirming dates in advance if you are planning a trip to one of these great rodeos.

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Frequently Asked Rodeo Schedule Questions:

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