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Rodeo 101

Get everything you need to know about the unique events that make up rodeo. The seven standard events are covered in detail as well as some of the lesser known events that are practiced by cowboys and cowgirls the world over.
  1. Barrel Racing (61)
  2. Bull Riding (14)
  3. Rodeo FAQ (23)
  4. Rodeo Glossary (47)
  5. Team Roping (14)
  6. Tie-down Roping (25)

Introduction to Rodeo
A beginners guide to rodeo. Get started with some basic information on rodeo. If you are new fan or a seasoned spectator wanting to brush up on the basics, this article is where you want to start. Enjoy!

Breaking in a New Rope
Roping events take a steady hand and a keen eye, and having a properly conditioned rope if essential to success. Break in a new rope prior to competition to eliminate embarrassing, and costly, mistakes.

The Life of a Rodeo Cowboy
The life of a rodeo cowboy isn't all glitz and glamor.

Women in Rodeo
A history of women in the rodeo world and the development of the Women's Professional Rodeo Association.

Rodeo Events Explained
An explanation of PRCA-sanctioned rodeo events.

Rodeo 101 All About Rodeo
Discover what About Rodeo is all about. Rodeo explained for beginners. Covering professional and amateur rodeo of all levels. A profile of the website and what it offers for those interested in rodeo and the rodeo experience.

Top 12 Rodeos Every Fan Should See
See the best events rodeo has to offer. Begin your rodeo pilgrimage with this list of rodeos. From your guide.

A Day in the Life of a Working Cowboy
Cowboys play hard and work hard to achieve their dreams.

Quarter Horses – Versatility on the Hoof
The Quarter horse is the most popular breed of rodeo horse, and is the most versatile breed in the world.

On The Rodeo Trail
A glimpse behind the scenes in the day of a rodeo contestant.

Rodeo - Timed Events
An overview of rodeo's timed events.

Rodeo - Rough Stock Events
An overview of rough stock events at a rodeo.

A Rodeo Thanksgiving
What are rodeo fans and competitors thankful for this year?

Prepping for Rodeo Season
Rodeo contestants have to stay in shape just like other professional athletes.

Growing Up Rodeo
Growing up in a rodeo family isn't easy, but it is worth every bit of effort.

A Rodeo Life
An overview of life on the road, from a professional rodeo competitor.

Doc Bar - Built for Rodeo
Doc Bar is a household name in the horse industry, and rodeo competitors across the country strive to add his bloodlines to their string of horses.

Rodeo Kids
Rodeo isn't an adults-only sport; children enjoy rodeo competitions just as much as adults.

Rodeo Dogs
Cowboys and dogs go together like apple pie and ice cream, and the two are never far apart. A cowboy's trusty dog is as much a welcome sight at the rodeo arena as he is at home on the ranch.

Happy Trails to You
Knowing when to retire can be tough, but even the best cowboy has to hang up his eventually.

Rodeo Clowns: Not All Fun and Games
The modern rodeo clown has the most dangerous job of the rodeo in taking on bucking bulls from the ground. The job has become a full-time profession for the resourceful and athletic who have earned the right to call themselves “bullfighters.”

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