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Stock Contractors

Where would we be without the stock? Rodeo would just be a braggin' contest between a bunch of cowboys standing in the middle of the arena. Here are some of the companies that provide the stock and make rodeo the most exciting sport on the planet.

Moreno Livestock

Offers horses and bulls for all your rodeo event needs. Copenhagen Typhoon, Whiterock and Watergate are some of their outstanding bulls. Part of Flying U Rodeo.

Western Rodeos Inc.

This outfit is out of Henryetta, Oklahoma and it seemed every time I bucked out on this stock it would tear me up. The legendary bull Grasshopper is part of this awesome string.

Growney Brothers Rodeo

The Growney Brothers have been around a long time. The champion bull Red Rock (yes, the one Lane Frost rode) was part of the string and so was Wolfman who was ridden for the only 100 point ride. They have some great stock on their ranch.

Honeycutt Rodeo Inc.

This Colorado based contractor offers stock for rodeos, commercials and movies. They have provided quality stock to every NFR since 1976.
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