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National Day of the Cowboy


Did you know that Saturday, July 26th, 2014 was the 10th annual National Day of the Cowboy? Learn about the origins of this day of honor, celebration, remembrance and tradition.

Brush up on your rodeo history:
Rodeo Spotlight10

Rodeo in the Modern World

Forming a link to the future with a strong bond to the past, rodeo has evolved into a major modern sporting event. Learn more about the history of this transition.

Early Forms of Rodeo

Discover the evolution of the sport of rodeo from its origins as part Wild West show, part cowboy competition, and a reflection of the changing times.

Origins of the Cowboy

The cowboy is undeniably American and simultaneously borrowed from the early Spanish riding traditions. Learn about the evolution of this American symbol.

National Day of the Cowboy

Learn more about this day set aside to honor the history, lifestyle, traditions and contributions of the American cowboy.

How a Rodeo Works

To the uninitiated, the rodeo can be a confusing mishmash of spectacles that don't make a lot of sense to a casual observer. What's going on behind the scenes?

Steer Wrestling: Event Details

Steer wrestling, or "bulldogging," requires strength, timing and courage. Explore this timed rodeo event in detail.

Saddle Bronc Riding: Event Details

Saddle bronc riding is an exciting rodeo event with its own traditions of technique and style. Learn more about the event details and current trends.

Bareback Bronc Riding: Event Details

Said to be the hardest rodeo event on cowboys, bareback bronc riding is an exciting roughstock event. Learn more about the event details, including strategy.

Team Roping: Event Details

Team roping involves two mounted ropers and a steer, making up one of rodeo's most exciting timed events. Learn more about this popular rodeo event.

Tie-down Roping: Event Details

This classic rodeo event evolved naturally out of ranch chores and requires a cowboy to be fast, accurate and well-mounted. Learn more about tie-down roping.

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