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Learn everything you need to know about the sport of professional rodeo!


Get all the information you need to understand and enjoy this awesome sport. After you understand the basics, you can move on to Fan Central and start supporting what I like to call the "Greatest Sport on Dirt!" Welcome to the rodeo...
  1. Rodeo 101
  2. History of Rodeo

Rodeo 101

Rodeo is unique among modern sports having developed directly from a working industry. Once learned, the basics of rodeo are easy to understand but its unique organization and competition can often be confusing to the casual observer or new fan. Rodeo 101 provides you with the solid fundamentals of how rodeo actually works.

History of Rodeo

Because of the unique origin of rodeo it has a fascinating history. From the vaqueros to the American cowboys, from the Wild West Shows to the modern sport, rodeo history is filled with interesting characters and a multi-cultural mix of customs and practices.

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