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Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

Round 7 Results and Highlights


2007 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

Round 7 Results and Highlights
Wednesday, December 12th

Round 7 was Tough Enough To Wear Pink night at the National Finals Rodeo. Tough Enough To Wear Pink is a program that has spread throughout the rodeo world and is "a night when the contestants, staff and fans dress in pink to honor breast cancer awareness and Wrangler's commitment to lead ProRodeo's effort to raise money for breast cancer charities." (Courtesy of the PRCA.)

National Finals Rodeo
Round 7 Bareback Riding Results:

1 Justin McDaniel - 89.5 points on Street Dance
2 Jess Davis - 85.5 on Beaver Fever
3 Jason Jeter - 81 on Boogers Pet
3 Chris Harris - 81 on Big Valley
5 Kelly Timberman - 79.5 on Witch Doctor
5 Will Lowe - 79.5 on Baby Doll

"It's an awesome horse," McDaniel said. "It's one of Greg Kesler's out of Canada, and they win money on the horse every time they nod their head. Usually he'll just make a big circle, and tonight he came out there and turned out to the left and spun a lot. I wasn't expecting that, but I guess the judges liked it. It's a great horse, and I've always wanted him."

McDaniel is the first bareback rider to win two rounds and has closed in on standings leader Bobby Mote.

National Finals Rodeo
Round 7 Steer Wrestling Results:

1 Stockton Graves - 3.7 seconds
2 Lee Graves - 3.9
2 Jason Miller - 3.9
4 Joey Bell Jr. - 4.3
5 Trevor Knowles - 4.4
6 Wade Sumpter - 4.5

"We knew we had a good steer; they'd won a round on that steer. I just told Rodney (Burks, his hazer) we were going to go out there and try to win the round, and luckily it worked out. This year, we're just kind of running at them, and we're just going to see how it goes. I've never been in this position. We're going to go at them and see what happens," Graves said.

National Finals Rodeo
Round 7 Team Roping Results:

1 David Key / Kory Koontz - 4.1 seconds
2 Tommy Edens / Coby Jones - 4.8
3 Colter Todd / Cesar de la Cruz - 5.6
4 Jimmy Edens / Ryan Motes - 9.5
5 Keven Daniel / Jhett Johnson - 9.9
6 Speed Williams / Dean Tuftin - 10.2
6 Jake Barnes / Clay O' Brien Cooper - 10.2

David Key's win was special on 'Pink Night.' "I've got a grandmother who's beaten breast cancer, so I'm going to dedicate this win to her, and I think I'll give her the buckle because I think that'll be special for her. It's outstanding. That's what we've been planning on doing all week, and it just hasn't happened. It seems like whatever I do, things just don't go exactly the way I want them to in the first half, but the second half is usually pretty good."

National Finals Rodeo
Round 7 Saddle Bronc Results:

1 Taos Muncy - 87.5 points on Silver Moon
2 Cody Wright - 85 on Big Jet
3 Isaac Diaz - 84.5 on Frost Bite
3 Ryan Mapston - 84.5 on Coal Black
5 Rod Hay - 82.5 on Instant Request
5 Justin Arnold - 82.5 on Smiling Cat

"He (Silver Moon) bucked well. He was strong the whole time, and I just had to let him roll, I guess," said Muncy.

Muncy has won two rounds thus far and made a riding technique adjustment after talking to an older peer back in New Mexico.

"In the earlier rounds, my feet were kind of turning wrong," Muncy said. "I talked to (veteran) Justin Washburn back home, and he told me some stuff. He helped me a lot."

National Finals Rodeo
Round 7 Tie-Down Roping Results:

1 Trevor Brazile - 6.7 seconds
2 Jake Hannum - 7.3
3 Cody Ohl - 8.0
3 Tyson Durfey - 8.0
5 Mike Johnson - 8.5
6 Houston Hutto - 8.7
6 Hunter Herrin - 8.7

Trevor Brazile is competing with a herniated disk hasn't slowed down, turning in the fastest tie-down run of the National Finals. He also moved closer to clinching his fifth all-around title.

"That is what I have been looking for for a few nights. I have had some difficulty with my back, and the calves I have had haven't been the best for my situation either, but tonight I had a great calf. Tonight, I felt as good as I have all week. It's as fast as I have been anywhere," said Brazile.

National Finals Rodeo
Round 7 Barrel Racing Results:

1 Lindsay Sears - 13.64 seconds
2 Debbie Renger - 13.83
3 Brittany Pozzi-Pharr - 13.95
4 Jill Moody - 13.98
5 Codi Baucom - 14.03
4 Maegan Reichert - 14.05

"I knew when Martha (her horse) nailed the second barrel that it was going to be good, but it's hard for me to tell from night to night. She covers a lot of ground and doesn't really feel a whole lot different, but she snapped her turns tonight, so I knew it was going to be quick. Martha actually gets a little more aggressive and wants to run a little harder as I make more runs on her. I'm lucky with Martha because she's pretty free and allows me to move her. Martha's great. She's a free-running horse, and I just have to cue her. That works out great in these little buildings."

Sears has won three rounds, the most of any competitor in any event.

National Finals Rodeo
Round 6 Bull Riding Results:

1 Logan Knibbe - 91.5 points on Big Mike
2 Bobby Welsh - 89.5 on Vertical Exit
3 Cody Hancock - 85.5 on War Zone
4 Chance Smart - 84 on Vitalix Stitch
5 Kanin Asay - 81 on Red Man

Knibbe covered his first bull of the NFR and it was a good one placing him first in the round and giving him his first check of the week.

"He went to the left and had me behind him, and I really had to hustle and try to get where I needed to be, (which was) with the bull if he jumped out of it (the spin)," Knibbe said. "My bull turned back into my (riding) hand, and I think I was a little bit more relaxed. I was just thinking about riding the bull instead of worrying about getting bucked off. I just said, 'Heck with it. This is just like another rodeo, so let's concentrate on riding the bull.'"

(All Quotes are Courtesy of the PRCA.)

Next stop Round 8...The countdown has begun!

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